Grape raisin production, as in any other process, consists of stages which are described below:
Reception and Selection: Fresh raisins of our own production and of other producers are received and selected, considering the optimum ripening which varies according to the variety.
Natural Drying Process: The fresh grapes are transported and placed carefully on the drying shed in the open. Following a totally natural process and under the action of the sun and the air, the grapes start to dehydrate gradually and uniformly..
Pick-Up and Storage: Grape raisins are picked up with great care as when they were placed on the drying shed. They are then transported to be stored in fitted out warehouses for later processing.
Final Process (in the production line): The grapes are ready to be processed under strict quality and hygiene standards following various stages of stalks removal, size classification, washing, drying, glazing, selection and final packing.
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